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The Chicago Catz Wedding Sampler - Part 1

The Chicago Catz Wedding Sampler - Part 2

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We KNOW how to get the party started!

Chicago Catz - Chicago Wedding Band“Loved it…loved it…loved it.
It could not have been better!”
Ann Nash

“I knew you were going to be good, but I was completely blown away. Everyone has been raving about you guys!”
Lauren Dewhirst

“We could not possibly…ever…in a million jillion years
be more delighted with your band!”
Bonnie Sclamberg

The thing that impresses me most was that not only did my core friends (55 +) love you, but all the 20 somethings thought you were the best band they had ever heard!!!!!
Judy Aristeo

Weddings are made of a million moving parts. With all the variables in play, it’s a comfort to know that at least one element – the band – has an absolute guarantee of success.

For over thirty years, The Chicago Catz have delivered their unique, unforgettable party and music experience to weddings throughout Chicago and the United States. Each wedding is a custom design – each tune specifically chosen and sequenced to reflect the tone and personality of the bride, groom, and the wedding experience they wish to create.

The Chicago Catz are not only one of the most sought-after performance ensembles in the wedding universe, they are among the top performance groups in the world – working full-time as session musicians with the music industry’s biggest names.

The result: you get a real band to play your wedding, not a “wedding band”.

Unparalleled musicianship…unbeatable energy…and professionalism that guarantees the only thing you and your guests will have to do with the Catz is get up and dance!

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